It’s an app for my iPhone and it calls Groente & Fruit kalender, in English: Vegetables & Fruit Calendar made by Milieu Centraal. You can look on your phone which vegetables and fruit are ‘green’ for that month. They categories the vegetables and fruit from energy label A (green) to energy label E (red). So you can buy the best vegetables and fruit for that month. The also show you where the product is coming from, how to make it and a store hint. It’s energy conscious and green all by one.

Because in this new world everyone is living greener and greener. People wants to live energy conscious and green. This app is a perfect example to live energy conscious and greener with some help. It’s not the best solution but it is a step in the good way and handy. A good and cool example for Web 2.0 using an app for your iPhone.


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