ROODKAPJE presents ROT(T)TERDAM. A temporary project space of 7000 square meters in the old and inspiring city office at Meent 119-133 in of course Rotterdam. ROODKAPJE uses the space until the new city office, designed by Rem Koolhaas, will be built here. ROODKAPJE stands for promising talent. Artists who break through patterns, challenge, go to barricades, stand for authenticity and autonomy and contribute to social debate. They are not afraid of dialogue. This is how ROODKAPJE wants to present art, relevant, challenging and accessible.


“ROT(T)TERDAM is the ‘Cultural Supermarket’ where you can shop for a ‘fresh’ selection of art in several spaces” quote by Roodkapje. They monthly presents exhibitions, film screenings, mini shop, performances, works in progress, lectures, parties and what is important to present at that specific moment. They also have a canteen called BurgerTrut, the name is not only a wicked and dazzling word, but the serves organic and slow food, a leading trend in the Food branch. Where local and awesome bands introduce themselves to the new audience. A breeding ground which lies in line with the perception of cities such as Berlin, Barcelona and Istanbul. A spot where new developments in art arise and are shown. Where people can meet, share and of course Experience.



ROT(T)TERDAM is COOL because it gives new opportunities to inspiring, talented and awesome new artists. It’s a place where people of mix cultures can meet each other and share their experiences, like a Fusion Kitchen. It’s Authentic and Back to Basics. People can Experience art in all kind of ways. It has future growth potential because it’s an Experience and Authentic. Most of people are asking for this kind of mindtalking and breath taking Experiences. The perfect combination for a outrageous, inspiring and creative environment and leaves a memory to the visitors.


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