Saw at the Dutch Design Week ’11, at the Design Academy and in het Klokgebouw. Info Displays and Traffic Display: from 3 to 1 traffic light. Designed by Dennis van Melick, a cum laude graduated student in industrial design from the Design Academy. He specialist himself in Man & Mobility and won many prizes with this Designs. But what this post is all about are the Info Displays.


The Info Display are new traffic systems for pedestrians and cyclists. These multi functional digital displays that provides travelers useful information on the road. The system not only replaces the button to push at the lights, but also gives you weather and news reports while you are waiting for the lights to turn green. The stand-alone version does well at public transportation stops too; while waiting for your tram or bus, this will show you the cultural calendar of the city. Messages change automatically, so and endless stream of information be included in the loop. The Info Displays are a part of the new traffic regulation system which guides road users through traffic. β€œThree to One is more compact, more efficient, and boasts more features than current traffic lights,” explains Van Melick.

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In this world where people are more in a rush and everything has to be faster is this a cool example of Experience Economy. It’s a new way of traveling and more efficiently. Travelers get useful information while their traveling and get an experience of customer care. They don’t get bored while their waiting and when they are in hurry the can read the ‘newspaper’ just on a small display. A cool example of a Technologisation Industry in combine with Experience Economy.


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