Zaha Hadid, a Power Woman. Born in Bagdad at the 31st of October, 1950. She’s a British architect with her roots in Irak. She studied mathematics at the American University in Beirut after that she studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London. After she graduated, she started working at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) of our own Rem Koolhaas, a well-known architect from the Netherlands. She started her own office in 1980 and in 2004 she won the first female Pritzker prize.


Or exactly what does she made, make and what has still to come? Her style is deconstructive, organic and unconventional. She is an artist and architect. The most people know her as an architect but didn’t know that she’s also an artist. Zaha also designed some interiors like the Mind Zone and Feet zone at the Millennium Dome. She designed the Moon System Sofa for B&B Italia.


Or why is she cool? Zaha Hadid will be well-known by people who are interested in architecture. She is the first female who won the Pritzker prize and won many other prices with her designs and designs of her office. She is a successful architect in a mens world. A real powerwoman who has never give up to success her dreams. A real role model for many women who wants to succeed a mens world.


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