For the concerned father (HIM) and hyper mom Homework here is a concept that was invented by Jeroen Witjes a master graduate student at the TU Eindhoven.


Homework is for parents who want to teach their children more responsibility. Homework consists of portable attachments which contains up to four different household chores. These jobs can be at different locations in the house placed. Parents can set up these chores as a weekly program to routinely continue. “Both parents and children get feedback to monitor progress and to keep encouraging them.”


For the concerned father (HIM) and hyper mom will it be THE invention of the Century. Children learn in a fun and easy way to be responsible. The hyper mom can just keep doing what she had to do and won’t get disturb, what she loves! The concerned father (HIM) will be satisfied because his child learns to be responsible in a fun and responsible way. For the parents an outrageous and booming new invention!

SOURCE: ID ’11 Tentoonstelling & Jeroen Witjes Portfolio


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