I saw this thing at the Dutch Design Week in 2011 at Piet Hein Eek and it immediately caught my attention. What is it and for what purposes it can be used? After the Dutch Design Week, I immediately start googling and found this:

“The bio-digester kitchen island is the central hub in the Microbial Home system. It consists of a methane digester, which converts bathroom waste solids and vegetable trimmings into methane gas that is used to power a series of functions in the home.” Philips

Also it was presenting for the first time! Clearly don’t you think? But really inspiring, innovative and sustainable!


“The bio-digester hub is designed as a repositionable kitchen island, including a chopping surface with vegetable waste grinder, a gas cooking range, a glass tank that shows energy reserves and glass elements showing pressure, volume and readiness of compost sludge. Materials used in the design are copper, cast iron, glass and bamboo.” All sustainable materials that help create a better environment.

“‘Bio-gas’ is produced by developing a culture of suitable bacteria living on organic waste material from the home. The gas the bacteria generate is collected and burnt. This arrangement is called a methane digester and it has been used in various configurations for centuries.”


We will have to start thinking about how we can live more sustainable. So why should we eat only sustainable food and not cook sustainable. With this kitchen we would use our own organic products to generate energy? Certainly, there is future growth potential in it because we need to start thinking about our way of living and our future. When will the energy sources run out? So the search for alternative sources is a real need. And why not start in our own homes and our own environment! A whole new kind of living, an opportunity, don’t you think?



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