Ecofys, a Dutch company specialized in, bringing sustainable energy to everyone, has started an investigating to the possibilities of seaweed  cultivation, suitable for integration into an offshore wind farm.  This project is financed by the Dutch Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation (Ministerie van Economische Zaken, Landbouw en Innovaties). They started with several partners, an applied R&D project in April 2011 to create a test module. The modules are installed on the first of March 2012 and  the project will end in June 2013.


The modules are placed 10 km from the coast of Texel (the Northern part of the Netherlands),  in a former sand mining area.  Steel cables will hold nets from 10 by 10 meters a few feet under the Northsea. Seaweed plants of species that grow naturally in the North Sea are attached to the nets, an intelligent opportunity for farming.

“A wind farm is closed for shipping and commercial fishing,” Anouk Florentinus, project manager at Ecofys, said in a statement. “This makes it a kind of marine conservation area. Fish will be attracted to the seaweed fields and use them for shelter and even as a nursery.” Ecofys said the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands is looking into refining seaweed into proteins that could be components for biofuels and fuel for energy generation. An excizing project for the future.


Seafarming is cool, first off all because it’s a natural, inspiring way farming. They will not use any toxics to grow the seaweed which means a cleaner and more leading enviroment. The second of all, they will create a whole new shelter for fish, which brings  positive and inspiring ideas to other companies. And last but not least it will be a spectacular and unique way of living , farming at sea and generate here new biofuels and fuel for energy generation.

SOURCES : Treehugger and Ecofys


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