Urban Farming in many already a familiar concept, growing your own vegetables on the roofs of buildings. Conceptual Devices add a little on top and comes with a phenomenal fish farm.


The prototype Globo/Hedron is a greenhouse made of bamboo designed to grow your own fish and vegetables. It is a small ecosystem on your roof, the water feeds the plants and the plants purify the water for the fish, isn’t it astonishing? The Globe/Herdron is designed to provide food for four families for a year! Nothing is less true but he also (and I quote Conceptual Devices) “The Globo/Hedron is designed to be manufactured and retailed at a low cost. Easy-to-set-up units can be combined to scale up food production capacity.”


The Globe / Hedron is obviously a very cool and mind talking prototype. It fits perfectly with the Urban Farming trend that is currently playing. Not only for this is it so fantastic but also because it is a small ecosystem on your rooftop and more accessible. Consumers want to know where their food comes from and this is perfectly for them!

SOURCE: [onceptual)evices, Indiegogo en Treehugger


Een gedachte over “ROOFTOP FISH FARMS

  1. I am the designer of hedron,
    I am running a crowd funding campaign about how to build hydroponic devices using IKEA components. since you have comment on my blog I assume you might be interested in this: What I ask you is to take a look at it, if you are interested please support this campaign or share it. It would be of an immense value for me.

    Best regards,

    Antonio Scarponi

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