By accident I read today a piece about a secret menu of Starbucks, with lots of specialties and exclusive flavors. It’s made specially for you because not everyone knows there is a special menu. It really attacks me, so I did some research for it.


Secret Menu’s a great notion and appears in the fast food industry. Through customized eats or drinks you can connect customers to your company. People may hear of secret menus by searching the Internet or just mouth to mouth communication.

Dutch restaurants would perfectly benefit from it. When they combine with social media, such as Foursquare, where customers can check in and if the customer status.


It is a ‘yet’ unknown phenomenon in the Netherlands but there is super potential in it. It is of course the best, smartest and cheapest marketing technique from mouth to mouth advertising. Customers will feel special and unique so you really bind the customer to your company. If you also use social media, you set up a boozing and exquishing notion drop.

Source: Foodbeast, Culy en Ranker


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