Foodiezz: self-heating meals, as the name suggests, the meals heat themselves. It is an healthy, environmentally conscious and quick meal.


There are seven different meals: Spirelli Bolognese, Chicken Curry Hotpot, Chili Con Carne, Country Chicken Stew, Vegetarian Ravioli, Canton Chicken Chop Suey and an English Breakfast. The meals are low in calories and they just using fresh ingredients. The meals heat up by a natural reaction of calcium oxide and water. You have your warm, fresh and quick meal within 10 minutes. The packaging is environmentally friendly and you can keep the food a year outside the refrigerator. The meals have been developed with Wageningen University and Research Centre both in the Netherlands. The only negative is that these meals are only available at some service stations or you can order them on the Internet.


This is obviously a highly effective development for all people on the move and just want a hot meal. This phenomenal product corresponds to the Food trends: on the go (meals on the road), instant gratification (24/7 access) and fast food (healthy quick meal). This is obviously an amastic and creavitive product and so many people will have benefit from it. Isn’t it spectacular you can heat up your own warm, fresh and healthy meal anywhere and anytime!

SOURCE: Foodiezz, Foodies Magazine and Food Inspiration about the trends.


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