Sharing a major trend which you see everywhere. Whether it’s on-line like Twitter or Facebook or more photographic site such as Instagram and Pinterest, sharing is everywhere. Similarly in the Food Industry examples like Social Dining (offline), Food Blogs (NL & EN) and the application YumYum, which I’m going to explain.


YumYum is a Food sharing app, you can put your own dishes on it and be a real Food critic . This allows you to instantly share your own dishes with various social media and judged by friends or family. You can share you’re experiences with people on YumYum. As a Food critic you can rate your dish with YumYum’s 5 star rating system. You let people know how and which dish it was, in which restaurant and add your recommendation. “Rate and Recommend your Favorite Dishes Anytime & Anywhere with your Mobile Smart Phone” by YumYum.


As I mentioned earlier was, that the application YumYum corresponds on the trend line Sharing. There are many initiatives launched now that respond to social and sharing, which is also successful. Individualization will in fact become less and Socialization will rise. People have a need for social involvement, whether it’s off- or on-line. Sharing plays a major role because people want to meet new people and share experiences.

SOURCE: Trendrapport ’t Schop, Inter Population (ask for it) and YumYum


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