The Urban Nomad must move quickly in a city. Similarly, you’ll see and there are more and more bikes in the larger cities, like New York, Paris and you name it! In the Netherlands we already know this phenomenon (Nederland fietsland – Netherland bikcountry), but we will see more bikes in other big cities all over the world. So the Urban Nomad need gadgets on it’s bike to transport their belongings and this should be done as safely as possible. And there was the Bent Basket!


The Bent Basket is a alternative for the basket you usually use at the front of your bike. The user-friendly of this product lies in the system of this basket. The basket consists of nylon stretch bands and a five-layer veneer makes it easy to take anywhere. You can easily move through the city and can safely transport everything.


For the Urban Nomad is this the solution to safely transport their belongings on the bike. The Urban Nomad transports constantly through the city and have their work stuff with them. This is also a stylishfull basket so no more fugly bungee cords!

SOURCE: Bent Basket and Treehugger


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