My previous post was about a gadget for the Urban Nomad. Urban Nomads would like gadgets which make it easier for them to move through a city. Here I have another example, The Scrubba Wash Bag. A portable laundry bag who helps you to wash your dirty laundry always and everywhere. Ideal if you have an important meeting and you’ve just dropped coffee.


Research has shown that you’re wash will be clean in just take 20-40 seconds rubbing on a washboard and your laundry will be clean. The Scrubba Wash Bag consists of a flexible washboard so you can bring it with you everywhere. Originally The Scrubba Wash Bag will be used for travelers and campers but Urban Nomads can use it too for its user friendly and flexibility. The Scrubba Wash Bag weights 145 g and is almost pocket-sized.  You only “add 2-4 liters of water, several items of clothing, a few drops of washing liquid (body wash or shampoo also works well), place the Scrubba wash bag on a table or the floor, rub the clothes against the flexible washboard from the outside of the Scrubba wash bag for 20-40 seconds and hang the clothing to dry.” Easy!


What I already explained the Urban Nomad needs gadgets to move easily through the city. The Scrubba Bag is an easy way to clean your dirty wash. People in in the city don’t always have all the time and would rather have it right now, like the trend Instant Gratification (24/7 access). The Urban Nomad works in the city and is flexible so it’s not only about the Scrubba Bag but it’s more. The don’t need to go home to wash some dirty laundry but they can sit or stay on their place to wash their laundry, right here and right now. They don’t waste time when they have to work and it’s sustainable too!

In the next post I will take you to the explanation of the Urban Nomad with his gadgets! Enjoy reading and inspire yourself!

SOURCE: The Scrubba Wash Bag and Indiegogo


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