This trend is to come up during the industrial revolution, when many people moved into cities. Since the 21st century, the majority of the population lives in a city. The townsfolk have not only the need to live and work in their city. But the city has to offer them more, there are the Urban Nomads and the developing Love Thy City.


In my last post I have shown you multiple gadgets for the Urban Nomad but you might also consider:

Pininfarina Personal Transit System, a personal transport system which carries passengers directly to their requested stop. (Mobility, Sustainability, Instant Gratification)

Electric Foldable Bike, a foldable bike which brings you everywhere, fast and flexible. (Mobility, Instant Gratification)

Newspaper Umbrella, a innovative system which makes from you’re newspaper an umbrella. (Cool Man, Cool Woman, Sustainability)


The urbanization continue to attract people to cities. Love Thy City and the Urban Nomad are already samples resulting from the urbanization, so what does this development has to offer? There will be more Urban Nomads in the city so there are also new developments. This is a great opportunity for trendwatchers to monitor how they develop. Here is certainly future growth potential because this trend will continues to develop.


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