I read the book ‘Identiteit’ from the psychotherapist Paul Verhaeghe. Many people live in an identity crisis, who am I and how can I be the best? There is an increasing pressure on us because we only have to perform and we must distinguish ourselves from others, at least we feel this pressure. Our identity is shaped by the society but our own unique creature is in everyone inside.


It’s a book you need to read if you want to learn more about the society these days.

“Identity is not an essential characteristic of the man, but is formed in interaction with its environment. How the human being is, depends on a large part on the circumstances. Two opposing forces determine its behavior: the desire to be a part of a greater whole and the desire to be independent. A healthy society preserves the balance between uniformity and individualism. In the current neoliberal society, however, dominates the thought that the individual himself is fully responsible for their own success or failure. All relationships and institutions are based on money. People think they are free, but we’re in fact never been so helpless.” Quote Paul Verhaeghe.

Some things to think about. Learning to know your inner beauty and your qualities will help to stay strong to these developments. At the top of The Maslow Pyramid is self-actualization a goal which is not easily to provide. Underneath it there stands self-esteem and the society has a lot of influence on that. So develop yourself and climb to the top of the pyramid.

SOURCE: ‘Identiteit’ Verhaeghe,  P. (2012)


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