We all want to relax and escape from the busy life we live in. Just a relaxing moment with a massage or two, a hot steamy bath but far from home most of the time. A spa is expensive and you need to go there. Why can’t I just relax in my own town after a day of school? The Shipping Container Spa (SOAK) is the solution! Sustainable and I can go there on bike. “Sustainability, sociability, and healthy hedonism are SOAK’s guiding principles.”

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-15 om 14.19.10

Bringing an old bathhouse back in a modern environment. All the water is captured rainwater that’s been filtered before using. All the electrical needs are solar energy. All hot pools drain into a special filter for gray water which is then transferred to a garden meadow on the back deck.

SOAK selected the San Francisco based Rebar Design Group, and principal Blaine Merker to design the bathhouse because of their creative thinking, and award winning reputation. They want to attract an anti-spa crowd with their idea of Healthy Hedonism.

SOURCE: PSFK and Treehugger


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