3d7b0e0b22a3d3df5c2d2393705bf9f8This block we’re real intuitive trend watchers and went to Paris for coolhunting. The developments we saw over there were the core for new trends. Back in the Netherlands we associate these developments together to come to larger developments. One Meso Trend we saw over there was Soft Easy.

Because of  the dark world (crisis) were live in right now, we have another need for love, understanding, good care and above all be there for each other. The world needs to get its color back and people may be cheerful again. You cannot do everything alone and especially at this time we should learn from each other. Soft Easy is a response to the crisis and the social problems that currently are in society. It’s about our inner beauty and together we’ll make the world better place.

Some want to be soft and easy.

SOURCE: Trendreport ‘Orange Babies’ by Breugel, D. & Hoedjes, R. & Pas, E. & Rutten, F. & Stout, W. (2012)


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