Commercialization is one of the developments of the economic crisis. It is the social process in which goods and services are run from a profit. Rather than for personal use or on a reciprocal basis. In addition to individual products a whole society can commercialize also. Like Starbucks, MacDonalds and KFC which shut whole societies down to use their products.


For Festival Mundial we did trend research in the leisure industry. Commercialization is one of the big influences in the festival industry. This influence we also see in the history of the Festival Mundial. Prices rise and the visitors not appreciate it. It is a challenge to balance the values ​​of a free Mundial and oppressive society. We immediately feel a strong and pungent link
with the trend “from growth economy to balance economy.”

The need to escape from the daily routine and pressure is growing. This is partly due to the commercialization of society. Outside the gates of a festival the society decide our mood, this makes the power of escapism today strong and important!

This feeling of euphoria is something special you feel within the gates of the festival. Here you can feel the ultimate freedom, where mindfulness and spirituality plays a major role. Festivals are upcoming in summer time and every weekend you can go anywhere across the country. It’s a place where you can dance, drink and socialize. Drug use is also growing more and more and more people go to festivals to use it. They feel the ultimate freedom at that time (they think).

The festival industry is still growing but with the commercialization of all the festivals it’s also their treat.

SOURCE: Part 1 Festival Mundial by Breugel, D. & Hoedjes, R. & Kantelberg, A. & Reuvers, I. & Stout, W. & Vlerken, S. van


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