Slow like a snail. More and more products have a label slow in front of them. We see more products with this label on it because people are more conscious about what they’re eating and drinking. It’s a mindful way of living if it is produced real slow and not with just a label on it.


The Slow Food movement opposes against the so-called fast food nation and aims to preserve the cultural and traditional cuisine, and the original use of plants, seeds, animals and agricultural use of a region. It’s a movement and many products will follow. We have slow coffee, slow tea, slow wine, slow dining and all hand in hand with the philosophy above. It’s about taking the time for the quality of the products and to prepare it with love and care. Products from all around world which are made with love and care. They want to make the consumer more conscious about what they are eating and so they organize a lot of activities.

If we want to love our planet, we need to take action instead of doing nothing. If we want to be healthier we need to start with our inner selves and eat good so you feel good. It’s a philosophy which you need to follow but feel in the inside.

SOURCE: Slow Food


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