Our trip to New York means also to make an assignment for a client. Our client was Weleda North America. First we had an appointment at their headquarter in Irvington. We got a tour and an assignment briefing. Than we’re going to coolhunt in New York City and make a concept reinforcement for them.

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-17 om 12.13.14

In commissioned for Weleda we have created a concept advisement that will help Weleda in two ways, we set two main goals within each four concepts.
• Communicate the great story of Weleda,
• Creating a bigger reach by introducing Weleda with a different approach

After those ideas we did research and setup 4 possible partnerships to create sustainable relationships and better costumer reach. At last but not least we selected four trends which are related or interesting for Weleda. These trends will give insight of how we look at the market and how you can provide Weleda in a different way.

The trends we used are Non-Liners, Dynamic City, By Nature and Decontextualization. I’m going to tell something more about it.

The online life is more important than the offline life and people think together instead of alone. Non-liners act beyond the normal paths and color outside the lines. They are looking for statements. Non-liners are a great inspiration for followers and fit well within the target group Lohas, which Weleda wants to approach. The need to be able to color outside the lines is growing tremendously. In this society we are all followers, only a few dare to stand up for what really interests them.

The products of Weleda will be used by the Non-liners (Lohas). The Non-liners are rolemodels for followers and has an influence on the buying behavior of a large group. They indirectly ensure more buyers when they become more acquainted with the brand Weleda.

Dynamic City
Cities are growing rapidly in population. A result of this is a fast and flexible lifestyle in the heart of those bright cities. Research shows that 60% of the world population will live in cities by 2030. This contributes to an increasing need for mobile, easy and qualitative products for the 24/7 citizens. We search for products that are mobile and multi-functional.

Weleda North America should focus more on NY, and less on Europe. The company is based here and the target group, the LOHAS, lives in this busy city. Weleda has to join this group and their rituals.

By Nature
Mankind rediscovers nature as a source of inspiration for design. Even with our technological improvements we can’t compete against natures primordial force. Whatever problem occurs, nature always has its’ own solution. This doesn’t mean that in design, everything has to be made from natural materials. It can also be inspired by nature. We search for products that reflect nature in their shapes, colours and materials.’’

Nature as a source inspiration is the basis of Weleda for years, but is becoming increasingly important within the society. Not only in the storytelling, but also in products. Everything has already been solved by nature. This movement is consistent with the values of Weleda but is more important than ever.

In a world where mass production is playing a major role, the need to stand out as an individual has become greater. More than ever people will experiment and combine. Objects, products and services are taken out of context, to be unique and remarkable in today’s society.

To stand out as a brand and as a product, it is important for Weleda to distinguish it from other brands. Decontextualization is the way to get noticed by a wider audience.

SOURCE: Trendreport for Weleda. Liem, A. & Kantelberg, A. & Maar, S. & Stout, W. & Vlerken, S. van



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