My mum is working with Alzheimer Patients a terrible disease and in mind looks like Benjamin Button. In your mind you’ll become an smaller child because you memories are fading away. Terrible…. But memories are connected to smell so you should remember a thing when you smell something of your memories.


Marketing communications company JWT Singapore teamed up with global fragrance company Givaudan to create a “Smell a Memory,’  kit that is designed to bring out emotional memories in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients through different scents. They want to evoke memories in patients and bringing families together with their loved ones. The Smell a Memory kit is based on individual patients on their age, ethnicity, family history and personal stories. Givaudan worked closely with experts and therapists who are specialized in rehabilitation. So they can produce unique scents such as ‘Mom’s Cooking,’ ’Freshly Cut Grass,’ ‘Prayer,’ and ‘School Days.’

“A number of the patients, who are often listless, withdrawn and uncommunicative, became excited and lively after smelling the kits, engaging in animated conversations with family members and therapists. That, in turn, created an equally emotional experience for family members.”



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