You get up, eat, going to work, come home, eat again, and oh yes, I actually wanted to sport. Recognizable? For me it is. With a busy schedule during the day time I think I don’t have the time to sport. Maybe I’m just lazy but after a hard day of working I don’t want to go to the gym.

With No, Sweat the gym is my working space. A three-part working space that transforms into a gym. The leg of the table is actually a aerobic board, the chair has a role on it and the backseat is for sit-ups. Eventually you get hundreds of exercises from the three basic elements.

The shape of your new sweat and working space is build on the Memphis style from the 80’s. The so-called postmodernism with red balls and black lines is a response to the minimalist modernism that we know of Rietveld and Bauhaus. In that line is the credo still is ‘form follows function’ and proves designer Darryl Agawin that expensive equipment for a full body workout is not necessary.

So there’s no excuse not to work out as your working place is your new gym!


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