Gamification is the application of game thinking and game techniques in a non-gaming environment. You can motivate users and enrich their experience. With Gamefication we experience how effective games are tempting, grappling, motivate and retain their players. Apply these techniques in the real world is where Gamification is about. Gamification wants to boost your behavior.
Strut is a game of exploration where you compete with other players around the world to uncover the map of the earth. When you move over a tile, it disappears. Most people have a daily routine, they drive or walk the same route to work everyday. Strut wants to activate people to explore their city or they place they are. It’s a app where you can win challenges and earn points to reach the top. Most of all it’s about exploration, explore the city you’re in,  your city or your neighborhood.
“Take a new route to work. Go down that street you never walked through. Visit every nook and cranny of your city. See more of your neighborhood – who knows what you might find?” Strut
SOURCE: Strut and Marketingfacts

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