Motherhood, a beautiful thing most mothers will say. The baby who is kicking in your belly but the dad can only feel it while he is holding is hand to it. 

For expecting dads it can be hard to not feel what the mother is feeling while pregnant. You want to share this moment with each other but the evolution has determined that it cannot. To help those dads, Huggies created a belt that allows future dads to also feel what the mother is feeling while the baby moves or kicks. It’s a collaboration between Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina. They wanted to create something which will strengthening the bond between two people when they’re expecting a baby. By using two waistbands, one for the mom and an other for the dad, the device is able to detect the baby’s movements in one. Then transfer them over to the other. So the dad is able to feel the movements and kicks as well. It will strengthening the bond between mom and dad but also between dad and the baby. A new love is born!



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