” Time, attention, energy, ideas and knowledge are the building blocks of the new world ”

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From a growth economy to a balance economy
The current models of the policy and economy force less confidence. This creates uncertainty in the society. When first money and growth were the focus points, now this is replaced by a desire to ‘want to do it better’. Consume: Mindfulness mindful means better and meaningful! Political and economic systems by the staggering one gets more and more understanding that power shifts to the small links: the individual. Thoughtful and meaningful consume: Mindfulness! Political and economic systems are understanding power shifts to the small links: the individual.

The small links: the individual
There is a distrust caused by the various crises (food, environment, economy, politics). The future doesn’t request to make money, but to pay attention, attention to each other (the people), nature & environment and the economy. This is what we call mindfulness, everything is linked with each other. The trust of the citizens must be won back starting with the small links. Because of this there is a new social movement.Gelegenheidswij (together)
In the Netherlands there are new collaborations entered. Together they produce energy, turning empty premises into houses and the farmers get the attention they deserve. Also sharing stuff we don’t need at that time, like a ladder, drill or someone his services. There is a higher attention to the origin of food and the associated utensils. We want to know what’s in our food and help with it. As we continue to recognize the origin of the final product. Therefore, you can understand the origin and meaning of the overall product and actually experience the product. Mindfulness can only work through the gelegenheidswij continue to create.Mindfulness helps you to take your time to eat, to go to sleep, to work, to live and go on. It’s improve your Quality of Life and you’ll get an healthier life.
SOURCE: Report for Ellen Bokkinga (Amuse5) by Gelaudie, Y. & Stout, W.

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