Girls, we love chocolate and we love traveling around the world. As I can speak for myself…. But if you want to travel around the world the easiest way you need to take a airplane. Your seat is small, because you’re not like that high business woman in first class. But yeah, you want to travel so you need to accept your small and smelly seat.


Danish chocolate manufacturer Anthon Berg wanted to sample their chocolate at Copenhagen Airport. At the same time they wanted to demonstrate their philosophy of generosity. A machine was designed to upgrade airline passengers with different amounts of chocolate. Depending on how bad or good their seat was. The worse the seat, the more generous the chocolate upgrade. So I with a small and smelly seat getting a lot of chocolate. They should promote their chocolate always!
By promoting your product like this way, you’ll get a lot of fans, especially women. All people become happy when they get something for free. Totally when you don’t have a good seat in the airplane and you’ll get a lot of chocolate because of it! You’ll always remember this special moment while you’d catching this particular airplane. You will be rewarded because you had a bad seat on the plane. So Anthon Berg is a very clever man, or his promoting, marketing or communication team, because Anthon Berg plays into our intrinsic awareness. We will think about that airplane with chocolate of Anthon Berg. Every time we’ll see a airplane or chocolates or you have a bad memory.

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