Doing your laundry is not a fun thing to do and not in a big city in a laundry shop. It’s a waste of time. Wasbar eliminates the boring routine of waiting for your laundry in a fluorescent illuminated laundry shop. It’s a laundry shop and bar, all in one! GREAT!

20130228_wasbar8-490x326As I live in Ghent a few moths I really needed to visit the Wasbar. The have a few facilities: WAS (washing, drying, ironing and even dry cleaning and repair service) as well as a bar (with drinks and food). The washing machines all had female names and the dryers  were provided with mans names. The whole place had a cheerful atmosphere and has a retro interior at the same time looks. The seats were a bright blue color, the tiles of the bar seems straight out of the fifties. Several small and a few larger tables make sure you can sit down for breakfast or just a drink. Quite cozy in groups or on your own. Sound from the speakers is jazz, bebop and other than pleasant music. It’s a relaxing to be over here, so doing your laundry is not boring anymore!

Concept shops are a big phenomenal it combines different products within one shop. Like the Wasbar it’s not only a laundry shop but also a place to relax and drink some coffee with friends. In Ghent there are a lot of coffee shops and international students who wants to meet and talk with other people. They also need to do their laundry so the Wasbar combines this two to the Wasbar. The just looked good to the target group and opportunities with this concept!

SOURCE: I went there myself and Wasbar


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