For Japanese women it’s a little bit difficult to eat a burger at restaurant. But there is a burger revolution around the world, burgers are HOT! If we look back to the history of Japan, we’ll see a small mouth is more attractive than a big lumpy mouth. They call it an ‘ochobo’. A big mouth is rude and ugly. That’s way Japanese women always put their hand in front of their mouth. While they’re eating, while they’re laughing but eating a burger with your hand in front of your mouth is a bit difficult.

A good example of responding to your target group. A Japanese restaurant saw women not ordering the big burger and did some research to it. They found the story of the ‘ochobo’ so they developed something to respond to this target. They created the Liberation Wrapper to freeing the Japanese women. It’s a wrapper with a mouth on it so the women can easily eat a burger without showing their big mouth.



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