dezeen_Escapism-by-Iris-van-Herpen-photo-by-Petrovsky-and-RamoneVan Herpen was intuitively drawn to 3D printing. “Previously, I’d have something in my head that was three-dimensional, but first I’d have to translate it into a two-dimensional format, such as a drawing, in order to present it,” she says. “That way of working feels really old-school. With 3D printing, it was the first time I could immediately translate the 3D image I had in my mind, first to a 3D computer model, and then into actual three dimensionality using the printer.” Quote: Dezeen

We all know 3D printing. We can print so many things in it but the development of it is on a speed up and we’re hearing a little bit of it.

Iris Van Herpen is more than just a futuristic designer, she has a different state of mind. Her work is a combination between old craftsmanship techniques and innovative digital design. Her collaboration with scientists created new technologies not only in the fashion industry. Voltage her Award winning fashion line is an example of wearable technology. And I’m curious what the future will bring to us.

SOURCE: http://www.dezeen.com/2013/06/05/3d-printing-fashion-print-shift/


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