Living the life in, I call it, Gent. Doing my internship in the small country named Belgium. It’s the neighbor of the Netherlands, so it isn’t that far away but a 2 hour drive from home, nobody or I can visit someone immediately.

Living on a kot (student room) of 10 m2 is not that big but it is cosy. And I moved all my stuff from Tilburg to here, so there are a lot of personal stuff. Yeah a loooot of stuff. I have 5 house mates or whatever you call it but they are very kind! We speak the same language but with an other dialect. Like all dialects some words don’t compare to mine or mine to them. Like a word creme fraiche, in the Netherlands creme fraiche is almost the same as sour cream but I prefer creme fraiche. In Belgium creme fraiche means wiped cream, so you could understand there are some funny things happened about that one.

Sitting in my room, working from here, looking and staring out my window, see people walking by. Missing my loved ones and my house, with a big kitchen, a normal bathroom and clean environment. Can I enjoy this moment in my life, doing something scary but just do it!


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