Albert Heijn started as a grocery in 1887 in the Netherlands with local products. Now it’s a big supermarket with products all around the world. And stories told me with no fair agreements with the farmers which supply this big supermarket.
We see a movement in doing our groceries because we want to know what’s we’re eating so some people are doing the groceries at the farm or in a biological supermarket. In some supermarkets they have biological meat or milk or cheese and go on. Probably not real biological but it helps to make the consumer more conscious about what they’re eating. We see more local supermarkets like Marqt in the Netherlands but the also have worldwide biological products so they’re not a real local supermarket.
In San Francisco they opened The Local Mission Market and promises their customers 100% transparency. They stocks their shelves with ingredients made locally, within the radius of 90 miles. The Local Mission Market sells made-in-house ketchup and locally caught salmon. Bread and desserts are all freshly made. The store imports things they cannot produce like spices, sugar, grounded coffee, and some dairy products. Ingredients are not the only things that are locally collected. The store’s checkout stand is made from a San Francisco Black Acaica wood and the bags are all crafted by San Francisco artists.
They wanted to re-introduce the way our grandfathers used to shop. Like the Albert Heijn way back in history. Local with real products and helping others out.

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