OK, a lot of people in the Netherlands and here in Belgium will disagree with me.

But please guys.

Stop making photos of a f*cking Starbucks mug with your precious name on it.

Yes I know who you are and yes I know Starbucks and yes I know they write your name wrong on a mug. They do it most of the time.

The whole concept around Starbucks is of course brilliant. People buy a coffee for € 5,- and taking a selfie from the mug, with what kind of reason? Oh look I’ve been to Starbucks. In America Starbucks is like McDonalds. You buy some junk and pay a lot of money for it. Okay, two years ago I went to Starbucks by myself because it was new and spectacular in the Netherlands so I needed to go there too. Now I’m buying some Chai over there because I’m in a hurry and on the train station (but still not taking those silly pictures).

The quality of your coffee is not that good as you might think and still paying € 5,- for it.

All those uproar around Starbucks will slowly disappear with their latte, soja, sirups coffee. And slow coffee will appears. A quality coffee especially made for you!

So please go to some local coffee bars and taste the differences. Try some fresh, slow brewed coffee and you will taste what real coffee is. They don’t write your name incorrect, are very kind and really want to help you.

Or go mainstream, take those pictures and buying ditch water at Starbucks. It’s your choose!

Only wrote about it and gave my opinion!


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