In a restaurant there are a lot of noises but you just want to eat and enjoy your meal. A kid which is crying, a couple of friends who are laughing so hard and your own man who is burping and eating like an animal. You just want some silence is that to much?


EAT is the perfect restaurant for you! You can enjoy your meal in silence because it is not allowed to talk while people are eating. The owner Nicolas Nauman was inspired by a silent breakfast he had experienced in a Buddhist temple in India. People are often distracted by noise and not experiencing their food. In this restaurant you learn how to eat mindful.

Before dinner the waiters will ask: “speak now or forever hold your peace,” and people had a chance to pass any objections (e.g. allergies and intolerances). If guests are talking your plate will be removed and you can sit outside to eat your cold dinner over there. Although some completely collapsed on the food, others decided to meditate or take a nap and some others communicate using their body language.

You’ve got more time for your meal and experience your whole meal. The food is sustainable and local and looking like little artworks. You can look to it and really think about what you’re eating with every bite you take. Real mindful eating.

SOURCE: The Guardian


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