We all know the song of Queen and while I’m writing this blog the lyrics are in my head. Thanks to myself… But biking is the new walking. It’s for transportation, sporting and just to be cool because when you don’t have a bike you’re out.

Like I already said biking is upcoming in different cities of the world. I’m a proud Dutch bicyclist and I still remember how I learned to cycle. On the lawn in front of our house. First with side wheels and then after a few ups and downs I cycled!

Nowadays cycling is like a movement and if you don’t cycle you’re a nobody. There are many cycling shops  and cafe’s in one(Lock 7, Container Cafe and Standart), all around the world. I can take a coffee and if my bike is damaged, I can repair it over there. The most beautiful bike designs in special shops . Mountain bikes are good for me to sport. And like my country, the Netherlands, several countries are adopting our biking lanes.

It’s healthy and increase your Quality of Life because cycling is good for you body and mind. You just cycle and look around you to see your beautiful city. Not by public transport which is expensive and you feel and smell all bad things. Just cycling with the wind in your hair (a Dutch sentence) and breath the air of your city. Enjoying the moments in life on your own cool bike.


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