I’ve already wrote a blog about street artists because they are rising and more and more people follow these particular artists these. A growing group of people appreciate their art.

Berlin based artist VERMIBUS regularly collects advertising posters from the streets, using them in his studio as the base material for his work. There, a process of transformation begins. Using solvent, he brushes away the faces and flesh of the models appearing in the posters as well as the brand logos. Once this evolution is complete, he reintroduces the adverts back into their original context, into publicity spaces.

By using the advertising space and how the human figures are represented in that space, VERMIBUS is removing the masks that we wear and is criticizing advertisement, which takes away a person’s identity and replaces it with the identity of the brand.

His art is for sale and is like an open art exhibition. People think about his art because it is replaced in an other context. If you are in Berlin you really need to see his artwork and look on his site for exhibitions.



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