We all know the feeling when nurses wants some blood of you. They come with a needle and ask in which arm you want the needle.  Rather no arm. But as good as I am, I’m a blood donor and I need to do it. They’re searching for a good vein and stop the needle in your arm. Oh, wrong, so we’ll try it again and again and again and again. Doctor can you please do it she’s having no good veins to take blood. Oh, thank you!


But no more horror stories because Evena Medical has recently unveiled a pair of glasses that can ‘see through’ skin, and make it easier for doctors and nurses to find the veins in patient’s arms. The glasses’ can be worn over existing eyewear so nurses with a glasses’ also can see where your veins are. It’s a ‘multi-spectral 3D imaging’ and with projected light your veins while show up. It’s like a Google Glasses but for nurses and doctors. The camera’s in the glasses’ are making an image of the veins, like a X-ray so the nurse can prick you with the needle. The technology could also open up training possibilities and faster communication.

No more worries in the hospital because it’s patient friendly!



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