Since I am doing an internship in Ghent and my office is where the work is. I miss a spot where I can work for fun. Not just a simple coffee bar where I pay a lot of money to sit in.


After having googled, I came upon a new initiative called: Huiskamerkantoor. The principle is quite simple, you sign in to the Facebook group and can work somewhere in someone’s living room. Someone sets his living room open for people to work together. No Seats2Meet scenes. But just at someone’s home to his or her dining room table. Since my desk is a dining table I can easily work here. Now it’s only in Amsterdam, the Netherlands but it’s an innovative initiative. It’s sustainable because I don’t consume a lot in a coffee bar and I can socialize with other freelancers. As I’m starting my own business.

For an Urban Nomad this initiative is great! You don’t have to pay a lot of money when you invite people over there and you can build a bigger network with other people. Maybe you want a new logo and you’re working with someone next to you who can make it. In a pleasant environment. Like the site and app you can ask or search for people who can make it for you!

We’re living in an upcoming Sharing Economy and we need to help each other out. We’re the future and the government won’t help us with it so we need to do it together.

SOURCE: Huiskamerkantoor


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