Get a compliment from another is always great! But if a compliment is given by strangers is even more GREAT.

For some Quality of Life is given by others like my earlier blog I AM about the pyramid of Maslow. Self-esteem is underneath self-actualization. We want respect, recognition and appreciation from others and when we get it we’ll feel a little bit better about ourselves. Felce and Perry made a Quality of Life mindmap and social wellbeing is on that map.

We want acceptance from others so giving compliments is an easy thing to give to people and let them feel better about themselves. And if you do you’ll probably feel better about yourself too! You don’t have to give compliments to strangers but give a compliment to your dad and/or mom, your brother(s) and/or sister(s), family and friends. I already said a few times but together we’ll make the world better.

SOURCE: Nieuwsblad



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