Fashion, a great significance for me. In Group 8, was a piece written on all students (of course) but also what they would achieve and their profession. My profession? In the fashion police. From little on I’m busy with fashion and appearance. With many inspiring moments and so also my fashion faux pas.

For many people, I’m often been a figurehead because I dressed differently than most of the people and always gave a twist on my outfit. So I have had an earring addiction experience and at the peak of it, almost 40 pairs of earrings (complete), a makeup touch with many colors (no success), a chain set I always begged my mother for it to buy one at the H&M, a pony tap with an absolutely low, a too short pony and going through. What I never noticed was that other people began to follow me in certain expressions, because other people noticed it. Well I didn’t care because I was wearing what I wanted and how I wanted.

These moments are now clear. You become mature and you are unconsciously dress different. You go anyway thinking differently about many things in life and a lot more seriously.

Appearance is not about your physical appearance and fashion. It goes deeper, the fact is also related to you as a person. That’s why I said you’re going to think differently. You become more mature and views the world in a different way and very important in this story is anything in the world even more value.

Sometimes I’m still that little girl of 16 years old, who spent all evening with her friends to dress up, the alcohol is flowing, SingStarren and good food and cooking with all of my friends. Yeah, well everyone is getting older and you realize that you’re all no longer insist. Previously you could drink 10 glasses of wine and you are now be able drink to 4 glasses. Beautiful memories that you should definitely cherish and you eventually you learn from the the mistakes in your life. It’s called growing up!


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