Food is the block that has really surprised me, as in fact I already have a lot with food. I love good food, I love to cook and love going out for dinner. Similarly, my brother is a cook and both my sisters work in restaurants.

During this block, I experience more Food and I’ve been more out to dinner. For example, a classmate and I went together to Social Dining, a dinner with strangers. So you meet new people and you can share your experiences. A whole new experience for me and I’ve also met new contacts who are very nice even there was a pretty big age difference. Tasty tapas, on a nice terrace in the Amsterdamse Pijp.

Food is a big part in my life and this is heightened by this block. I am going to consciously think about food with ethics. Unfortunately, I would eat so durable and biologically as possible, only as this poor student it’s difficult to achieve. So I’m already buying more sustainable meat and vegetables. I can’t eat fully sustainable and organic yet, but with small steps you will come to an end.

This block has delivered many good performances. So we must conduct a debate that I’ve won and we earned a nine for our professional product for ’t Schop. Very nice experience anyway to prove that I am a Lifestyle Professional.


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