The first block of this year and actually, ever had was Health. For example, we learned about the history of health care, how it evolved and what lies ahead.

I have a bit with health but I would like to have more and make work of it. Like go to the gym, eat healthier and do something about my weight, as every woman really wants. But right now I live on my own and want to pay attention to my body. Recognize yourself in this criteria: you are a student, have less money to spend but want to live an healthier life. Than you can find below some tips, not just for you but also for myself.


Consider a subscription for a student gym. As in many cities you can join a gym for students in cooperate with your school.

In Tilburg, you can sign up at the University for 108 euros per year, which of course saves a lot of money compared to a regular gym. With such subscriptions are many advantages, because there are a wide range of sports facilities. For example you can often use a pool, fitness, tennis and more. A good option for a poor student, of course.

Healthy food don’t need to be expensive. Several delicious recipes can be found in several books which you can find in the supermarket. For example, the Albert Heijn, Jumbo or Plus. They always gives you the price and calories per person.

Also try to minimize goodies in your home so you can not easily grab to that bag of chips. Take from time to time a balance day, because there are plenty of delicious recipes. Balansdag has now its own iPhone app where you can choose from meat, fish or vegetarian dish.

Also very convenient and inexpensive is dinner with fellow students. Whether in your dorm or a friend in your class, you can quickly save lots of money. Advantage is that you don’t need to eat alone, not made to much which you freeze in and unhealthy is and more money left.

And when you go out for doing your groceries, don’t go to an Albert Heijn (except for a book to score) but go to a Lidl, Aldi or Jumbo. Lidl and Aldi haven’t only bad products what everyone thinks. But also provides good food away. Did you know that Lidl the best fruit and vegetable department had in 2011? So take initiative and dare to enter.

Hopefully these are some good tips for you from my own experience and will I take them by myself once.

More inspirational texts:

Enjoy reading. Inspire yourself.


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