All my life I have done team sports. I started at my sixth with volleyball and I’ve stopped at the age of ten because the girly girl Whitney wanted to play soccer. Soccer has been one of the greatest passions and still is. I stopped unfortunately at my seventeenth, by various circumstances. I was heartbroken..

I started to fitness so I build condition and waste pounds since I live in Tilburg. I try to make a combination in conjunction with our Health and Food sectors. Also, my Living and Appearance affected by this. I will be happier with my appearance, by creating a custom lifestyle. All sectors together in one block, at least for me.

Human Movement meant a lot to me in my life and hopefully this will return. By moving, you will also improve your Quality of Life and therefore you’ll be happier. This has put me to think and this is what I definitely want to improve. All you have to do is move half an hour per day or go those 2 times a week to the gym if you want to move intensive. If your Quality of Life improved so why not right?


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