Leisure or free time. Leisure, where many people attach a lot of value. Similarly, I prefer year-round festivals, going to festivals and of course the nightly adventures at a party.

This block we were talking about the ‘Flow’. The ‘flow’ is a highlight during your experience, when you’re fully concentrated and when time flies. I experience the ‘Flow’ when I’m at a party. When the music takes over your body and takes you to unknown areas. When you feel the whole atmosphere, everyone is relaxed and is partying together. No prejudices about others, because the out standers will do but there is no reason to, because nothing ever happened! Dancing the whole night or day and in the morning or the evening in the train on our way home. It gives such a feeling of satisfaction to me, we take the sore feet for granted.

Because the parties gives me so much satisfaction, I want it to make my job. What is more beautiful to turn your passion into your profession? So I would really like to work on a concept department of ID&T. That’s really a dream for me. Help with creating and organizing such a party, WOW!

During this course I’m going to focus and try to achieve my goal! With ups and downs I will eventually going to succeed because this is what I really and I mean really want!


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