Living is one of the reasons I have chosen for International Lifestyle Studies. When I was a little girl I already knew that living was my futher. My life goal was to be an interior designer. But now I’ve landed on International Lifestyle Studies, an eduaction where I can put more of myself in and what better suits me.

For this course I have done an interior advising training, I am a proud owner of an interior advising diploma. A proud owner.. It was a good learning process in my life. For what I know that I would not be an Interior Adviser for the rest of my life. Suddenly the study I wanted to do, was during 8 years instead of 4 years. And so I ended up on International Lifestyle Studies.

Living is also a great inspiration for me. My biggest inspirations are all related to Living such as: Friends, Interior and Design, Events, Beach, Music, Festivals, Architecture, Nature, Art and Philosophy.

I also have made a new start life. I moved to Tilburg for my new course. A big step in my life because actually I’m really a mom and dad’s child. But It seems to be not that bad at all and I’m awfully enjoying myself.

Living has given me an impact in my life and always will.


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